Soil is one of the most important components for producing agricultural products. Using chemical fertilizers and pesticides in soils would destroy structure of soil and contaminate the underground water. The soil containing organic material has high potential for keeping water, hence it prevents from waste of water and can support activity of helpful microorganisms of the soil. Also, diseases of roots and crowns which are the main factors of damages to agricultural products including garden or farm products, which in most cases are overlooked by the farmers, cannot be effectively controlled by chemical poisons and they can be controlled when conditions of the soil is against them. A-Comp which will be introduced in the following, is a product that in addition to maintaining and correcting structure of the soil, reduces using chemical fertilizers and poisons and finally besides producing a healthy product, maintains the soil which is an unrenewable and valuable resource and contributes to decrease of water consumption in agriculture. Provision of this product for agricultural society is our honor.